Leaving the country

by The Weary Band



Recorded live onto 8-track tape over a long weekend at Beth Porter's family home.


released February 26, 2012

Tim Calleja - words, music and production - vocals, guitar, keys.
Phillip Collings - drums, piano, keys, percussion, vocals, production.
Beth Porter - cello, vocals.
Andrew Smith - Bass.
Alex Blain - guitar, vocals.



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The Weary Band Bristol, UK

We are a group of friends who write, record and produce our own songs using an old reel to reel tape machine. Our five home- made albums are available here and in all the usual digital stores. 'You can get lost' is also available on vinyl; contact us if you would like to buy a copy. ... more

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Track Name: Bright young things
The bright young things come out at night.
They spread their wings and they take flight.
And if you capture one hold on tight.
They'll be gone when the dawn becomes light.
They'll be gone.
Track Name: I closed that door
That old friend I used to know he don't know me no more.
He became a family man and I remain a whore.
Somethings never change.
Somethings just don't sit right anymore.
I closed that door.

That old girl I used to see she looks at me the same.
Even though I changed my mind and took another name.
There's nothing left to see.
Ten years is a lot of time to tame.
Who's to blame?
Track Name: Begin again
You play the role of the weak and lowly victim.
You like to think you're unique but you're just like him.
Take yourself for a break and let some light shine in.
When you awake, begin again.
Track Name: The girl in the castle
Meet your maker, greet and take her,
She's been wanting you for so long.
Track Name: Witches
Drive down dark roads
the way the wind blows
it would blow you out.

Trees around us
the witch has found us
hear her screaming out.

You remember don't you?
That feeling you knew
all those years ago.

Orange rain drops
and when the car stops
you don't want to know

what's outside?
Track Name: Sweet
Sweet, nobody ever would be as sweet
as you were with me.
Sweet, all I have left is the memory,
you don't see.

You could be happy with me.
You could be happy.
Track Name: Beggars belief
I remember so clearly the first day we met.
You swapped me a joke for a broke cigarette
and told me you loved me before the sun set.
I remember so clearly the first day we met.
I remember so clearly the first day we met.

Absence of mind meant that I lost my head.
I woke up to find sometime later in bed,
the lids of my eyes hanging heavy as lead.
I wish it were you who had found me instead.
I wish it were you who had found me instead.

Traitor they called me, slut said a few.
Track Name: On his darker days
And on his darker days he dare not leave the house
to face the world outside.
And all his neighbors say he never makes a sound.
He's like a ghost who needs a place to hide.

We make him try, we make him angry.
We're just something that stands in his way.
He knows he's right, at least in his own mind.
There's nothing more that needs to be said.

And on his darker days he is nobody's friend.
And no one knows him best.
He's only getting worse and no-one wants to know.
He finds it hard to keep up with the rest.

We make him tired, we make him lonely.
But we try hard to be all he wants.
He wears me down, he makes me angry.
He always seems to get what he wants.

And on his darker days he sees what he's become
and who he used to be.
Track Name: Autumn's gold
Pieces of what I was keep echoing round my mind.
Everything i am now will only get left behind.
It's you I find every time
Every time I am blind.
Track Name: Still by my side
Stay with me
stay with me until you have had enough.
Don't you be
don't you be in doubt it always will be tough.

And you'll wonder why you are still by my side.

Take a chance
you took a chance with me when I was all see through.
Early days
you learned to forgive me when everything was true.

With a sly old smile you are still by my side.

The wind picks up
and carries all silly, petty things away.
Old and grey,
it's true what they say, i've loved you more each day.

As the clouds roll by you are still by my side.
All this time.
All that time.
Track Name: Leaving the country
Leaving the country wasn't hard to do.
Leaving the country, did it all for you.
Nobody makes me but somehow you always do.
You do.

Maybe tomorrow will be good for me.
Recently hollowed but feeling free.
If this lasts a lifetime well I just won't wait to see.
We'll see.

Can't wait forever, it's decision time.
leaving the country with a friend of mine.
She'll never leave me and we'll leave you all behind.