You can get lost

by The Weary Band

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Recorded at various different locations including Tim's house, Phil's house, The Weary Band's various practice spaces and The Ranch Studio in Liverpool over a few years onto 8-track tape. Mastered by Donal Whelan at Hafod Mastering in Wales.


released February 26, 2013

Tim Calleja - words, music and production - guitar, vocals, keys.
Phillip Collings - drums, percussion, piano, keys, production.
Andrew Smith - Bass.
Alex Blain - lead guitar, vocals.



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The Weary Band Bristol, UK

We are a group of friends who write, record and produce our own songs using an old reel to reel tape machine. Our five home- made albums are available here and in all the usual digital stores. 'You can get lost' is also available on vinyl; contact us if you would like to buy a copy. ... more

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Track Name: Don't you mind me
Granny's fingers make me ill
i'm not eating this until
the moon shimmers in my bowl.

There is so much left to do
and i'm not including you
now we're through you're cut-off like a mole.

Don't you mind me my heart she glows so much colder than most.

There was no-one left to blame
thankfully along you came
now I can give misery a name.

I got buckets full of hate
if you want pass a plate
nothings changed, the cutlery's the same.

Don't you mind me my heart she glows so much colder than most.

Don't you mind me my best friends can't find me,
not here to remind me that i can't find you.
Dash this damnable Winter she stings like a splinter
of love that was never so true.

Pessimistic til the end, optimism was a friend
up until she drove me round the bend.
You could die from being nice, I've been dead already twice.
Now I know on whom i can depend.

Don't you mind me my heart she glows so much colder than most.
Track Name: Sunshine and gold
Went on a roller-coaster, so less scared than before.
Now I can hold you close I feel prepared to do more.
You're like a radiator, keep me warm when i'm cold.
My one invigorater, you are sunshine and gold.

And the though i try, I won't get through another year.
So sad but true, I need it just as I need you..
..and me were so happy, when did it get so by the by?

I found a new vocation, counting stars in the sky.
Down by the railway station, where the mead gets you high.
Now all the lefties love me, coz i'm out int he cold.
I tell them all my stories, all my sunshine and gold.

And though i try, they won't get through another year.
So sad but true, they it just as i need you..
..and me were so happy how did it get so by the by?
Track Name: Good radio
We drove around for a while and tried to find good radio.
The sun was set on your smile and we were gone back long ago
when time was still a young bird who rarely flew
and you believed all you heard was all for you.

Meet me down by the sea and throw yourself below the waves.
We'll wash away all the greed, your need for something more than this.
The reason that you won't find has all washed away,
Time to make up your mind another way.

Wait for the morning.
Watching each other fade away.
Four in the morning.
Another life begins today.

I saw your face and for the first time I knew that
everything has it's place and all of it was meant for you.
And I will lie down beside you through the night,
eyes opening wide to new morning's light.
Track Name: On every other day
People rarely remember what I have to say
and I can never tell her what I want to say
and I keep falling over trying to get away
if i seem that much older I just am that way
on every other day.

All my friends seem so real; always act the same
but i feel like i'm changing; playing a different game
and they don't understand me when i cannot play
but i will always love them where they will remain
on every other day.

I thought by now i'd be able to be content and lay
all my cards at your table with some intent to play.
There's a girl that i'm after but she won't see me,
every time that i meet her always seems to be
on every other day.
Track Name: Marjorie
Marjorie, i cannot say your name
the way it's supposed to be
but i could always learn.
Stay with me
as long as you feel the same.
Love should not be a game
more of a mystery
so carefully
concealed inside a teardrop...a teardrop.

Marjorie, what must you think of me?
Constantly showing off
when i'm in your company.
Wait a while and you will come to see
i'm not the idiot I often appear to be,
well hopefully.
Remember me in the the morning.

Marjorie, i cannot say your name.
Don't take it personally,
there's so much that i can't say,
but anyway,
I hope someday to say I love you...i love you...i love you.
Track Name: It really doesn't matter
Take the final straw or the first remark
Make it through the door or never make you mark
that first bright spark will only flicker and grow dark
it really doesn't matter.

When you're out of time and out of bread
take a look at life from outside your head.
Go back to bed and dream about it all instead.
It really doesn't matter.

All these working jerks get their perks for free.
I don't work for no one nothing works for me.
I'm quite happy collecting royalty-hee-hees.
it really doesn't matter.

If you give it all you won't get it back.
They will break you down, drown you in a sack
and that is that, now that is everything but that.
That really doesn't matter.
It really doesn't matter.
Track Name: Life is all around us now
Flowers by the road on a post,
there's still so much we don't know.
We drive around with the ghost
of someone we both know.
She came so close,still,
a beautiful weekend.

Life is all around us now
I'm so glad it found us out.

The snow is almost gone
but we stay in your bed together.
Melting frozen hearts into one,
I don't think i'll ever be as close as this,
I'm so comfortable with you.

Life is all around us now
I know what it's all about.

I knew I was waiting for
something I knew before.
It's better than it ever was,
because it is with you.

I hope i'll always be what you want,
what you need me to be.
Never knew someone so alive,
so amazing, to be with you all the time
there's so much for us to see.

Life is all around us now.
Funny how it all works out.
Track Name: Recently
Recently the roses rarely bloom
in the box outside my bedroom.
Everyone proposes what to do
but they just don't see like you do.

This recent rain we're having only makes it worse.
I will not be the last and I am not the first to feel cursed.

Recently the fact that you've been gone
keeps my life from moving on wards.
Everyone supposed i've gone mad,
but i'm only living backwards

so memories of you surround me still.
I never found another love.
I never will.
Maybe I will.

Recently the reasons don't add up.
People talk like they all get it.
Seasonal depression here to stay,
people talk like they don't get it.

Enough to last a lifetime in the sun.
I feel alone because i am the only one.
The only one.
Track Name: Things that make you older
Always on my mind,
dusting out these cobwebs.
Dredging out your wine,
looking at my old friends.

Writing out a list,
things that make you older.
Places I have missed,
faces I no longer know

that i can see divided-up in my mind.
It's these that I must leave behind.

So much left to do,
I have to be selective.
Single out a few,
leave the res neglected.

Losses will be great,
everybody loses.
All we do is wait,
somebody else chooses.

And in the end friendships you mend depend on time
and some of them get left behind.

Always on my mind,
things that make you older.
Leave them all behind.
Concentrate on just her.
Track Name: You can get lost
Jack me a car and we'll follow that star that's been getting away from us.
We're going far for we know who we are and we know there's a way for us.
Holding your head in the light that is red where the morning has bled for us.
Wishing to be where the souls of the sea will be singing off-key with us...

...and the rest, we're leaving normality, grey and depressed that's the way it will always be. We run smiling.

You can get lost if you really wanna be.

Broker the deal when we spoke could you feel all the life draining out of you?
Nothing get's made only broke and resprayed and the joke is always on you.
Everyone knows that the grass only grows if you constantly tell it to.
You've been afraid all these years that you made up the people you thought you knew.

Come with us, we're leaving normality. Grey and depressed that's the way it will always be. We run smiling.

You can get lost if you really wanna be.
Really wanna be.

Dear don't cry.
Honey, let's wish him well.
He's been such a long time
trying in this world.
Honey don't you cry,
it seems like yesterday
we were together.

Horizons are shrinking so I got to thinking it's high time to take a trip.
Fed-up of drinking and lying and sinking down deeper inside the skip.
Life is all litter and bitter and twisted right up to its very tip.
Everything tested, digested, invested in every relationship.

We're all weary now.