Serenity Mountain

by The Weary Band

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Recorded, produced and released by The Weary Band. Mastered by Donal Whelan at Hafod Mastering.


released March 26, 2014

Tim Calleja - Words, music and production; guitar, main vocal, keys.
Phillip Collings - Drums, piano, percussion, backing vocals, keys, production.
Alex Blain - Lead guitar, backing vocals.
Andrew Smith - Bass
Beth Porter - cello, vocals.



all rights reserved


The Weary Band Bristol, UK

We are a group of friends who write, record and produce our own songs using an old reel to reel tape machine. Our five home- made albums are available here and in all the usual digital stores. 'You can get lost' is also available on vinyl; contact us if you would like to buy a copy. ... more

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Track Name: She lives on Serenity Mountain
The people here, they live to lose.
They disappear beneath the booze
and reappear in brand new shoes,
bleary-eyed and in the news; celebrities.

The cattle-grids are over-grown
and Summer's kids have almost flown-
out from the only nest they've known.
What is best was rarely shown.
Will they get-dressed on their own?
We shall see.

She lives on Serenity Mountain.
She gives me more than I know.

A big cagoule won't keep you warm.
In this old school the money's gone
and every fool knows what is wrong;
money just don't last as long as honey does.

And the honey's sweet up on that hill.
The sweethearts there are sweeter still.
If they don't care, no-one will.
I'll take you there to get your fill.
If you've got spare time to kill then come with us.

She lives on Serenity Mountain.
She gives me more than I know.

Some peace and quiet's all I need,
a little sweet serenity.
It's something I won't see.
Everybody stares at me like i'm insane.

The people here construct their lives
out of whatever best survives.
Concrete shells and Stanley knives,
manly smells and reader's wives
who rarely read.

They introduced a system here
and it induced the common fear
that learning is a bad idea,
it's turning heads away from beer.
Nothing ever was so clear or hard to see.

We'll be on Serenity Mountain.
We'll flee far from this town.
We'll live on Serenity Mountain
and we will never look down.
Track Name: Little broken star
You're everybody's little broken heart,
is what she said to me.
And every morning you get torn apart
by what you'll never be.

You're everybody's little broken star
and what you are is what you are.

She keeps me waiting when it's time to go
and we get left behind.
I never really have a chance to show
just what is on my mind.

And now you ask me why I love her so.
I don't know, I don't know.

You're everybody's little broken heart
she still sais to me.
You act a lot like a fisherman
who's never been to sea.

You're everybody's little broken star
and what you are is what you are.
Track Name: Like children in a foreign family
When you're old and grey I will comfort you,
I will be the missing category you seek.
And you'll know my name and you'll know it's true,
I just want to be the highlight of your week.

Come around and we'll watch some crap tv.
It doesn't matter just as long as you're with me,
we can be like children in a foreign family.
In our own society,
our bones are older than the trees.

When your mind is gone I will mop it up,
I will be your cleaner and your confidant.
I will rescue you from the hands of time
and we'll wind them back to when you knew your mind.

As we live and learn so we learn to live.
It gets harder but as long as you're with me
we can be like children in a foreign family
and your memory will come back some sunny day you'll see.

She'll come back some sunny day you'll see.
She'll come back some sunny day to me.

One more year goes by and we're still the same.
Nothing changes when there's no-one here to blame.
We will always be separated from
this reality just as long as you're with me.

Just as long as you're with me.
Track Name: I lost my mind
Could it be that woman who has tortured me
made me doubt my sanity?
Maybe it's the lady who will never know
what she had and then let go.
But I know, all to well.
Maybe that is why I lost my mind.

The idiots are rampant in the city square,
If you stick out they'll stick you in.
And it's all going backwards now
as if you care.
Life's a joke that's wearing thin.
An old game you will not win.
Maybe that is why I lost my mind.

Gonna take my head off and go to the beach
and wash it out under the sea.
Deep underneath the rollers where I cannot reach
I'll empty-out the memory
of every kiss you gave to me,
of all of this I shall be free.
Then I'll know just when I lost my mind.
Track Name: Over the hill
Pray that you find me before they do.
You alone know I mean no harm.
Hold me again, like you used to do.
Remind me of when we were all calm.

No prize for coming last
and no golden star for me.

Over the hill is dead old tree,
meet me inside in an hour.
There we are still who we used to be,
before we became all the others.

Write me down a list of all the words that spring to mind.

Cry for a while and you break the spell,
now they all know where we're hiding.
Found out today that i am not well.
Found out today that i'm dying.

All my life I dreamed of you.
And now you will dream of me.
Track Name: Just because you hate it
Just because you hate it doesn't mean it's shit.
Can't you just get along with it?
Because you did not make it you just want to quit.
No one here is the perfect fit.

Now I know your name.
Now i've got your number.
I'll play your game,
now i've got your number down.

Just because you know me doesn't make us friends.
We'll get by 'til the better ends.
You've nothing left to show me, I've no hands left to lend.
Stay awhile and we'll make pretend.

Wait another year,
it's only four more seasons.
I'll disappear
someday soon.

Just because you hate her doesn't mean she's bad.
She's the only good friend I have.
Break another promise, let's make each other mad.
I'm the only good friend you have.

Right from the start
I knew you were trouble,
But when we part
I'll be sad.
Track Name: Some other time
Time to close your eyes little darling,
rest your head near mine.
Keep your memories clear for the morning,
or some other time.

Time to shut-up shop for the weekend.
Time to go down south.
Time to take this trip with an old friend.
Time to work it out.

Your smile is all I need to get me through the day.
Tomorrow does not matter;
it's so far away.

Come my way and fly little darling,
through these Summer skies.
Don't let her break you down for the Winter,
however hard she tries.

Your smile is all I need to get me through the day.
Tomorrow does not matter;
it's so far away.

Time to close your eyes little darling,
time is yours tonight.
Keep your memories clear for a lifetime
and they'll treat you right.

Some other time.
Track Name: My fake uncle
Rachel, give me a massage.
I'm so achy, my skin's like cabbage.
Your face makes me jumpy, it's far too lumpy.
And this isn't helping anymore,
my spine is yelping like a dog.
Like a dog who needs to be set-free.

Samantha's crawling like a panther.
In a black leather cat-suit on all fours,
on a parachute on the floor.
She's horny but she's far too scrawny
and this isn't helping anymore,
now that she's yelping like before.
Like a doll that needs a place to play.

I've started something.

Tuesday was such a very strange day,
Underworld made easy,
there you see the melody was all wrong.
My fake uncle has got a very nice carbuncle.
He eats periwinkles from a jar,
He likes them wrinkled from afar.
In his car where he spends most of the day.
Track Name: I hope you're never so old
I hope you're never too old
to see the funny side.
Doing what you're told will take
the shine out from your eye.

And I pray you're never so smart
to figure-out the truth;
that every broken heart turns into
one more part of you that's true.

I hope you're never so young
to think it stays like this.
Just as you've begun to hit,
that's when you start to miss.

I hope you're never too old
to fall in love again.
When every night you hold her tight
it might just be the end.

That Summer was so long ago
when everything was gold.
We always seemed to find our way,
we never felt the cold.

And I hope you're never so old
to know there's nothing new.
To wake up every day
and dream of youth.
Track Name: Neither here nor there
Well i'm here but not all there,
i'm neither here nor there.
Some part of me is in a care home by the sea
where people understand the need for constant worry.

Park yourself inside,
there's someone you should meet.
He has your eyes and now he wants your feet.
You're in disguise but I can see the sweetness that resides inside you.

I'm on your row.
My heart is going somewhere I can't go.
My mind is chasing memories and shadow.

Calm yourself my dear,
you're living in a bubble filled with fear.
You're never going to make it out of here
if you don't understand when people say they're sorry.

People travel far
to get it in their mind just where they are.
They leave it all behind only to come back
and be just the same but slightly more annoying.

I'm on the mend.
I'd never take advantage of a friend.
I only wish my heart did not depend on you.

When i'm feeling small
there isn't any need for me at all.
I might as-well be hanging on the wall,
that picture that you only ever glanced at.

And when conversation lacks
any meaning or a point
I can't relax, I can only disappoint.
That's when the cracks appear and soon i'm neither here nor there
nor anywhere.